Shadow DN6

(CRL_F5000_ShadowDN6) Mod
Shadow DN6, skin Shadow_F5000_Jarier_75WG
Shadow DN6, skin Shadow_F5000_Jarier_75WG
Shadow DN6, skin Shadow_F5000_Jarier_76
Shadow DN6, skin Shadow_F5000_Oliver_75
Shadow DN6, skin Shadow_F5000_Oliver_75E
Shadow DN6, skin Shadow_F5000_Oliver_76
Shadow DN6, skin Shadow_F5000_Scheckter_75

Following the demise of the Canadian-American Challenge Cup (Can-Am) towards the end of the 1974 season, that year's championship winning team, Shadow, had to look at other options to continue racing in North America in 1975. The most obvious choice was the popular and lucrative F5000 series as it allowed the England-based, American team to use the single seater experience from the Formula 1 program. -Wouter Melissen, Ultimate Car Page


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  • BHP: 530 bhp
  • Power Ratio: 1.24 kg/hp
  • Weight: 658 kg