Ferrari 412T2 - 28 (Gerhard Berger)

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Ferrari 412T2 - 28 (Gerhard Berger), skin 28_berger_r13
Ferrari 412T2 - 28 (Gerhard Berger), skin 28_berger_r13
Ferrari 412T2 - 28 (Gerhard Berger), skin 28_berger_r15
Ferrari 412T2 - 28 (Gerhard Berger), skin 28_berger_r1_r6
Ferrari 412T2 - 28 (Gerhard Berger), skin 28_berger_r7_r8_r9

The Ferrari 412 T2 was the type name for the car used by Ferrari in the 1995 Formula One season.

Designed by John Barnard and Gustav Brunner, the car's design was largely influenced by major regulation changes imposed by the FIA after the dreadful events during the year before: the V12 engine was reduced from 3.5 to 3.0 litre, while new side protection structures were added around the driver's helmet. The aerodynamics were revised with the sides shortened to fit the radiators and other accessories, while front and rear wings were also changed to reduce downforce according to the new regulations. The T stood for Transverse, as the gearbox was mounted in this way, improving rear-end weight distribution.

This car was a step ahead compared to previous year's 412 T1, but still not able to bring Ferrari back into the fight for the title. Jean Alesi won in Canada: Alesi and Berger were also successful on other races, conquering 73 points for a third place in the Constructors' standings. This car also holds the famous distinction of being the last ever Formula 1 car to be powered by a V12 engine. It was also the last Formula One car to win a World Championship race using a V12 engine.

It was also the last Ferrari Formula One car to run on Agip fuel.

Both Alesi and Berger moved to Benetton for the 1996 season, and were replaced by Michael Schumacher and Eddie Irvine. Schumacher tested with the 412 T2 and declared the car to be "good enough to win a world championship."[citation needed]

The 412 T2 was replaced by the Ferrari F310 in 1996


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  • Goodyear Eagle Hard (A)
  • Goodyear Eagle Medium (B)
  • Goodyear Eagle Soft (C)
  • Goodyear Eagle Qualifying (Q)


  • Acceleration: 2.4s
  • BHP: 700 bhp
  • Power Ratio: 0.85 kg/hp
  • Top Speed: 340km/h
  • Torque: 297 Nm
  • Weight: 595kg